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UK launch for FriFri fryers at Hospitality 2013

A wide selection of FriFri high specification electric fryers will be displayed at Hospitality 2013, NEC Birmingham, 21-23 January. This will be the first UK exhibition outing for FriFri fryers, since the responsibility for their design, manufacture and marketing transferred to Lincat in August last year. In addition a new high-efficiency gas fryer, the Frifri Vortech, which delivers an unrivalled 97% energy efficiency, will be launched at the show. Stand 366.

Though currently not widely known in the UK, FriFri (pronounced ‘free free’) fryers are recognised throughout the rest of the world for their extremely high specification. They offer maximum output from a minimum of floor space and extend the life of cooking oil. They are also rated highly for their robust construction and reliable operation.

The new FriFri Vortech high-efficiency gas fryer delivers an unprecedented level of energy efficiency – 97% - to produce world beating operating economy. The majority of commercial fryers achieve efficiency ratings of 50%, which is the minimum required by European regulations. Other ‘high efficiency’ models achieve in the region of 80%. This saves energy, reduces operating costs and is kinder to the environment.

"Since August we have been working hard to apply Lincat organisational and manufacturing expertise to the entire FriFri operation, in order to promote customer confidence in every aspect of the brand and its products”, said John Shepherd, International Brand Manager for FriFri. “We are looking forward to introducing the FriFri range to UK customers at Hospitality 2013 and explaining our absolute commitment to first class customer service".

The FriFri range comprises 12 freestanding, 13 built-in and 11 counter-top models, all built to the very highest standards in a number of power and voltage variants. Options such as pumped oil filtration and automatic basket lifts can also be specified on selected models. The range also includes chip dumps and pasta boilers.

FriFri began life as an independent Swiss company. It was acquired by a larger Swiss company, Franke, some years ago, and then by Middleby in January 2009. Products are now manufactured at a dedicated cell at Lincat’s Lincoln production base, where the majority of FriFri products and components are also held in stock.

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