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Vision 411

Vision 411

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Electronic thermocouple control maintains oil temperature to +/-1°C giving improved food quality and extended oil life.

Two high temperature cut outs for additional safety.

Touchpad control allows the temperature to be set in 1°C increments from 30 to 190°C for more accurate cooking.

Fully pressed, seamless, tank for easy cleaning.

Unique high performance multi-coil element extends oil life and ensures rapid recovery time.  Two hinged tilt positions and safety microswitch for easy tank access and cleaning

Manufactured fully from 304 grade stainless steel for long service life.

Sophisticated programming facility for up to 19 programmes which automatically adjust cooking times to suit batch quantity

Fat melt cycle for safe, gentle, heating of solid fats and oil.

Stand-by feature reduces energy usage during quiet periods.

Two stage filter system extends the working life of oil

Water resistance rating IPX5 to protect against corrosion while cleaning

All Vision fryers have the option of an oil pump to easily return filtered oil to the tank

All Vision fryers have optional basket lift for lifting cooked product out of the fryer tank at the end of a cooking programme

Power and Voltage Options

Product Code No. of Tanks No. of Baskets Voltage Power (kW) Supply Standard Supply Line Optional Supply Line Add
VF41100 Single Tank 2(1) 3NAC 400 15 3L + N + PE 3 x 25A N/A
VF41101 Single Tank 2(1) 3NAC 400 18 3L + N + PE 3 x 32A N/A
VF41102 Single Tank 2(1) 3NAC 400 22 3L + N + PE 3 x 32A N/A
VF41103 Single Tank 2(1) 3AC 440 15 3L + PE 3 x 20A N/A
VF41104 Single Tank 2(1) 3AC 440 18 3L + PE 3 x 25A N/A
VF41105 Single Tank 2(1) 3AC 440 22 3L + PE 3 x 32A N/A
VF41106 Single Tank 2(1) 3AC 230 15 3L + PE 3 x 40A N/A

*No. of baskets ( ) = optional

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